Envisions – Finsa, Milan 2018

Facade-Envisions-01-Jeroen-van-de-Gruiter HR





Envisions, wood in progress 

exhibition 2018

In answer to the question by Envisions to make a design proposal for the exhibition for the follow up exhibition of Envisions – wood in progress – I came up with a proposal that is closely related to the process that Finsa underwent by testing samples for their industrial potential.
The exhibition evolves around the seemingly effortless increase in scale as a result of industrial translation, a noticeable aspect that I wanted to use in this years exhibition.
The context in which the material is produced further proved as an inspiration for the exhibition. Details from Finsa’s production facilities such as stacking, wrapping, coding and piling up found their way into the exhibition, which is made entirely from their material.
A second space hosts a documentary showing the process that took place in the production sites in Spain, where six designers were invited to experiment with their current techniques. The movie is shown in front of a large pile of wood chips, being one of the earliest stages in the production of this sheet material.

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