The project consists of a range of interior objects using Poplar wood. The typologies can be read as the start of a catalogue, developing an understanding of the material through objects and time.

The wood is provided by Peppelhout, an organisation committed to preserving this species in the Dutch landscape. Not only because of its cultural significance but also to seek the potential of this tree’s wood in future applications. The wood itself is a relatively soft hardwood that’s naturally light in terms of weight and colour. The grain of the wood is something beautiful and subtly reoccurs in the products through dyes and stains that enhance colour.

The majority of trees belonging to the poplar family in the Netherlands are planted. Some species have been found dating back to the Middle Ages and still to this day some trees can be found aged well over a hundred years. The Dutch Poplar trees are not as much used for their potential as wood directly for furniture. The wood is often transported to China or India where it turns into laminate. Other parts are processed as pulp for paper and the thinnest parts of the tree end up as biomass. However, the fast-growing of the tree makes it interesting for production as well. Within 30 years the tree matures and is ready to be used as wood.
The project is supported by stichting Stokroos


Profile / suspension lamp
colour: natural
material: poplar wood, coated aluminum, led
finish: satin
dim reflector: 60x60x1500 mm

colour: black stain
material: poplar wood
finish: matte
dimensions: 156 x 284 x 45 mm

Turned / wall lamp
colour: black stain
material: poplar wood
finish: matte
dimensions: ø240 x 50 mm