An oil lamp suited for both in- and outdoor use. I was interested in combining two materials in an object and having all parts play equal roles. The glass parts were cut in cylinders and connected by a frame, so the aim was to find a balance between the glass cylinders and the structure that organises these. Occupied with the idea that both elements need each other in order to perform this translated into transparent glass surfaces combined with a smaller but visually more demanding black 3D printed nylon framework that ‘floats’ in the centre. The production follows a certain efficiency, the oil lamp is made from borosilicate glass cylinders that are simply cut to size from readymade tubes whereas the framework is made from a high density printed nylon, the wick is placed in a 4mm aluminium disc.

dimensions: ø150 x 280 mm
material: Borosilicate glass, nylon, aluminium
production: Netherlands
price: €250,- (ex vat)
lead time: 2 weeks